Artico has brought into the sport fishing world and exclusive worldwide a major innovation in the field of perpreg fabric for the realization of fishing rods poles: dynanotex.
It is a material that permits, at production stage, a fabric layering process completely different to the current ones. This carachteristic allows to manufacture the poles cancelling the fishbone effect, i.e. the search for the ideal bending. The advantages are multiple and important:

1. Lesser fabric deterioration, about 30% less than the current ones.
2. Increased resistance to stress, about 40% more.
3. Improved handling
4. Increased responsiveness, about 50% more than the tools currently on the market.

The absolute innovation is the lack of fishbone on the rod!
This advantage does not only translate into giving the rod the correct action, but it also allows the rod to follow and absorb any twists imposed by the caught fish, cancelling, as such, the possiblility of breakage of the pole itself: Artico’s intention is to give a 20 year warranty on the poles!

The great “responsiveness” of dynanotex-made rods is exceptional. When subject to traction by the caught prey they tend to return to the original position, i.e. straight, thus allowing the angler to bring at boat’s distance big preys in less time and with less effort compared with the tools currently on the market.